Help with funding applications

As a researcher, you can find various types of help and advice for funding applications. Experience shows that the right advice and sparring leads to better and more successful applications. The department management team had established the following local guidelines: 

Guidelines for research applications at DENT

  • Funding applications with budgets in excess of DKK 300,000 must be submitted to the department head and the deputy head of department for research. They may subsequently appoint a reviewer for professional sparring. There is a deadline of 14 days (10 working days) before the application deadline. 
  • All applications must be registered in ReAp - including information on the outcome of the application (also rejections). 
  • Budgets must be reviewed by the business controller.
  • Budgets should strive for full funding.


As a general rule, all expenses must be covered in an externally-financed research project. 

It is therefore important to include overheads and indirect costs such as i.e. cost of workload reduction, laboratory technician/biomedical laboratory scientist, administration/secretarial assistance, AC-TAP, use of CORE facilities, rental costs etc. However, it may be necessary to accept co-financing, e.g. for own salery, support or equipment. Contact Lene Baad-Hansen for an overview of standard prices to use when drawing up a budget for the foundations that do not provide overheads. 

See the guidelines under the heading "The budget".

EU foundations - special information

The Research Support Office must be involved in all phases of applications that fall under the FP7 and Horizon 2020 programmes.

Contact both the Research Support Office and the head of department in plenty of time before you begin on an application. In cases where the applicant is the coordinator, the Research Support Office must be contacted no later than two months prior to the application deadline and preferably earlier.

Mandatory peer review

It is mandatory to use peer review in applications to the European Research Council and The Innovation Fund Denmark. Please consult deputy head for research and talent for further information.

Help with your application

  • The Research Support Office assists with all phases of the application (except for AU foundations).
  • Consider secretarial support for the coordination and collection of material, layout and proofreading.


Lene Baad-Hansen

Professor and Deputy Head for Research

Special information for PhD students

PhD students and researchers below assistant professor and postdoc level must use the supervisors to ensure the quality of research applications. In addition, they are encouraged to make use of these offers:

In exceptional cases, if there is an application from a PhD student with major strategic importance for the department, the department head can contact the Research Support Office and make a special agreement.

Research stays at AIAS

Read more on AIAS's website.

Find foundations

The purely odontological foundations award only limited funding. It is therefore recommended that you send interdisciplinary and broader applications (e.g. "child", "pain", "infection", "group") if the specific project allows. See also Research Professional.

See current calls at the Health website.

You can also contact the Research Support Office for advice about foundations that match your project.

Read more about how to make foundation applications: Advice and tools for your foundation grant proposal